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New house in Aptos!

Back in the early 80's my aunt and uncle moved to a small house on 5 acres in the redwoods of Aptos. After expanding the house, they lived there until they moved into a retirement home in Scotts Valley in 2014. They sold the house to a nice family. I always loved that house and really regretted not buying it then but as I am living in the Netherlands for the time being, the timing was not right. To my surprise the house came on the market a few weeks ago and I went for it! Now expanded to include the 3 acre parcel next door. I will not move there for 6 or 7 years but hoping to spend the summer there next year. To make a long story short, I hope to host a (perhaps) bi-weekly jam session there during that time. Looking forward to meeting all the Santa Cruz area folks.

Edited Jul 4, 2019 by Dan Seelig

Hi Dan,
When you can consider it, I and my wife Angie have had some grand fun hosting some 2-3 day, & even longer camp jams here on the westside in SC, on only a regular town lot with some neighbors' driveways pitching in for RVs. 8 acres could be a fabulous setting for a whole buncha musical fun! I love your willing spirit about hosting jams, & would be happy to share experiences here with ya anytime!
Good thinkin'! Jim


Count me in Dan!

Jim, since visiting your get together a month or two back, I have been singing Blue Wing all the time. I look forward to doing it again soon with you.

Paul Lawton


Just ran across this thread and thought a quick update was in order. Needless to say I'm not coming to the states for the summer. Perhaps in the fall or spring 2021. Really miss playing with other folks although my session here in Amsterdam will start up in a reduced version soon. Hope to see you folks soon.

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