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Problem with A song in your book: Will there be any stars in my crown?"

The 2 chord at the end of several lines does not seem to “fit.” I've played the song in A,C,D and G and that chord just don't work for me. Any suggestions?



This might help. Seems to me to be 1-4-5 in G but there is a 2 (A) in the chorus. Please correct me if I'm wrong


Yes. Dan is right. The 2 in the chorus is an A in this case. By the way, did you happen to watch my video on the number system Ken? That explains the numbers as chords. They key you're in is always 1. So if you're in the Key of G, your 1 is a G, your 2 is an A. Have fun!

Edited Jun 1, 2020 by Leslie Abbott

Most of the googled sites for chords for this song are straight 1,4,5 seventh;for example the Cox one on cowboylyrics and the George Jones ones. The Alison Kraus chords do get a little more complex. I do like the 1,4,5 seventh best, without any of the other chords. You can listen to different renditions on these free sites and see which one or ones are favorite. Hope that helps.


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