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Social features (NOT the whole site) shutting down on Dec 8

Hi folks,

Some big changes are coming to this website. It was built many years ago, on a web platform that is growing increasingly old and buggy and unmaintained, and I am growing increasingly concerned that the whole thing might break, or worse, get hacked.

At the same time, many of the community-building features we implemented – the forums, the local discussion boards, the event calendar – have not been used much in the recent years, even pre-COVID.

So in the interest of keeping this resource humming along smoothly for everyone, I am going to replace it with a pared-down version a month from now.

What's going away? The social features that aren't getting much use:

  • This discussion board (the ToneWay Facebook group has already all but taken over for this anyway)
  • The local, geographically-based discussion boards
  • The event postings and calendar
  • Private user-to-user messaging

What's sticking around? The rest:

  • The songs/lyrics database and song clips
  • The Get Started workshop
  • Leslie's guitar and ukulele videos
  • All the other “static” resources (things that don't require a login)

My target date for this is December 8, 2020. That's four weeks from now, and also happens to be the day that this website's email service will stop working. (Getting that notification was the kick in the butt to finally do this!)

It's always a bit sad to say goodbye to things, but moving in this direction will ensure that the song database, videos, and other resources are around for many years to come.


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If Fakebook will be the only choice for the forum, then I will have to quit the group – I will NOT risk my life and limb just to have the ability to discuss music!


Hi Luke, It's an amazing resource that you've developed & carried for these years, another reason to be so musically proud of this incredible town, like KFAT/KPIG has been for so long now. I'm very happy to read your note of 11/11 and to learn that the Events function might yet live on in some form. I don't go anywhere near Facebook, and hope that I'll be able to learn whatever Meetup alternative might come, because Kathy L (above) and a whole herd of us have used the Events channel and the Private User-to-User avenue to GREAT advantage, as a peek into my own archives (the only one I can invite you to peruse, of course) will reveal. Some wonderful sessions were effortlessly offered & held precisely because your system was so user-friendly (I'm old & not very digitized) and encouraging. Again, you've done an amazing thing here, and thank you & the whole Fam for years of life-changing musical expansion & FUN! Jim


facebook sad i never use i,llmiss the strum machine it been great during the lock downs, this is the only source of a jam i have right now .hope we get refunds due to us after you deasert us , so sad jim


Jim, Strum Machine isn't going anywhere! Neither is this website, for that matter, i.e., the lyrics and reference materials and all the “static” content will be sticking around. Only the “social network” aspect of it, which is very complex and difficult to maintain (and unfunded), is being shut down. But the rest of this site can be maintained very easily. And although maintaining/improving Strum Machine is a ton of work, it: a) gets far more usage than this site does, and b) pays the bills (its bills and my bills). I'm fully committed to keeping it around for the long haul, and am very grateful to have that as a job! :-)


Also, for those of you in the Santa Cruz area: I saved the emails of everyone who RSVPed to a local event in the past couple of years, so when another platform is ready (probably sometime in 2021, you'll be notified about it.

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