The ToneWay® Project: helping people play music

Ways You Can Help Spread the Joy (locked)

If the goals of the ToneWay Project appeal to you, and you would like to participate and spread the joy of communal music, here are some ways in which you can help:

Getting people connected is key

As we explain in About the Project, playing music with other people—indeed, learning with other people—should be the plan of action right from the start. Inertia will keep beginners isolated. It takes someone with a desire to get folks together to break the ice.

No musical skill is needed in this!

All you need is a desire to help others (and/or yourself). Here's how:

Get the word out

Network and find folks who play or are interested in playing. Tell your family, friends and acquaintances, people at work, church; use bulletin boards, Craigslist, and the JamPool to connect with people. Most people are, or were, interested in playing music at some point in life. Most were also thwarted in one way or another. So, spread the word: there is an easier, simpler way to play!

Put together an informal jam…

A jam need only be you and one or two others at first; perhaps that guy at work who plays guitar, or someone you met at a music store, etc. Things may go smoother if the participants are familiar with the ToneWay approach, and the “mountain music” style and repertoire (or something like bluegrass, folk, or old-time). Of course, the more the merrier—up to a point anyway. Again, the usual routes of networking (including the JamPool) are called for here.

…or a JamShop

The JamShop is a place where folks come together to learn music in a supportive, mutual-help environment. These “slow jams” are organized by folks who support the goals of the  ToneWay Project. JamShops can be organized by anyone, from the non-player to the accomplished.

We'll help you organize JamShops through Meetup is a great service that helps people self-organize into local groups. There are over six million people on Meetup, and over 60,000 groups have been formed.

We set up a Meetup group here in Santa Cruz, and it has proven to be very effective at getting the word out about JamShops.

As an organizer, Meetup costs money. However, we will pay Meetup's fees for you if you decide to use the service to promote ToneWay-style jams and JamShops. Contact us if you're interested.

Coaching is another option

You need not be a skilled player. All you need is to have a good sense of the “roots” (of the ToneWay Method). You can find these online in the “Get Started” workshop video and in our books. Needless to say, one of the best ways to acquire a “good sense of the roots” is through attempting to coach others in them.

You can start small, one or two people, if you like. When you feel confident enough and wish to reach out to more folks, let us know. We can help you organize Coached JamShops through Meetup. If you're interested, here's some info on becoming a jam coach.

Do our workshop; and get your friends to do it too

If you don't play, great. Get a stringed instrument and watch our online “Get Started” workshop video. If you already play an instrument, use this video to learn a new instrument ((Learning a new instrument is one of the best ways to deepen and expand your understanding of music. Not only will you then have another instrument to play, but your playing overall will improve.)), and see for yourself how our approach works.

Tell anyone you know who might be interested in playing music about the workshop video. Better yet, do the video workshop along with them!

Make music part of your future

These are a few ways you can boost your local musical community. Each can also be looked at as an investment. If you desire a future filled with music in your life (as we do), it's the steps you take today that will get you there. Our job is simply to help in any way we can.

Thank you,
The Abbotts

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