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Welcome to the new!

Yesterday, I flipped the switch on our new web server, where I've been developing a new version of this website since December 2010. Yes, it took many months longer than I'd hoped, but now it's online so I'm feeling pretty happy about it. :-)

Poke around and see what's new! Or, if you like, here's an overview of the more note-worthy improvements:

The JamPool is dead; long live the ToneWay Network!

OK, nevermind the name change. Here what's important about our upgraded community-building tool:

  • Better messaging. Now you can easily contact anyone in the Network, or even several people at once. They will get your message in their email, but email addresses are never revealed to anyone so your privacy is preserved.
  • Easy message broadcasting. We took a lot of inspiration from the way Facebook works, and made it incredibly easy to post messages that will be seen by anyone in your area. Let your neighbors know you’re out there!
  • Primed for growth. You must now be a member to see who else is in your area. Not only is this more “fair”, we imagine it will increase the number of people registered in the Network. Which is better for everyone.
  • An awesome “map” feature. I won’t bother to explain, just go to the “Community” section, join the Network (if necessary), click on the map, and explore! :-)

One important feature did not make this release, which is a way to subscribe to your local bulletin board posts via email. Hopefully we will get this figured out soon.

The ToneWay Forum: a global discussion board

This is a place where people can ask questions and discuss their experiences with learning music. We will be visiting the forums regularly, offering our help and humble opinions. In fact, we now request that all non-private correspondence be posted on the forum; that way, anyone can benefit from any posts relevant to them.

Note that we used to have a forum back in 2007-2009, but we took it down because it didn't see much “action.” Now that the ToneWay community is larger and we have more support, it seems a good time to bring the message board back. I kept a few of the old discussions around for historical purposes. Let's chat it up!

Facebook Integration

Now you can sign in via Facebook—no need to create or remember a password! (If you already have an account, you can link the two.)

So let's say you already have an account. Why should you care? Well, easier sign-up means more members. More members means more people in your area to contact and perhaps play music with!

And more…

Unfortunately, much of my time was spent developing aspects of the site that almost nobody will ever see (backend code and such). The good news is, 1) it's done, and 2) it paves the way for smoother site growth in the future. Not that I'm thinking about working on the site much more this year—it's time to start working hard on that new book!

As always, let me know if you find anything wrong with the site that I may have overlooked!

Luke Abbott


This is an amazing work Luke – You can feel your passion and care througout it. This will bless so many musicians down through the years you may never meet. Well done.

Can’t wait to see the new book you now have time to work on. That will bless even more musicians who never thought they could play music eh!

Dianne Porter AUSTRALIA


The site looks awesome Luke! Great job. And don’t forget to wear your shades when you venture back out into the sunlit world!

I’m really hoping to finally take your class with David this fall… Getting ready to start George’s home education (I think I can, I think I can…) and I want to get more disciplined about learning to play music together. He was playing the banjo this morning… first step, learn to tune banjo :-)

Hope to see you out jamming on the Mall sometime soon.

Lots of love and warmest fuzzies,


You can, Stephie! :-)

This might help with the banjo-tuning:

See you around the ‘hood,

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