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In one week, I’ve learned more from you about how music works than from any other source over a lifetime.

Cathy, after completing our Get Started Workshop Series
Music Made Easy?   Learning music can be hard… but there’s a simpler way. Read how.

Singing makes music immediately accessible. The easiest way to feel music deeply is through your voice—your innate musical instrument. Think you can’t sing? We’ve identified a few simple issues that, once addressed, can enable anyone, of any ability, to sing just fine.

Instruments that foster singing and community: Stringed instruments offer a simple way for complete beginners to play rhythm and chords to back up their singing. Unlike the piano, little knowledge of music theory (e.g., sharps and flats) is needed to be able to play in multiple keys—crucial for singing. Also, playing the melody on a stringed instrument is very straightforward with the ToneWay Method. We focus on six main instruments which lend themselves well to ensemble music played in any key, although the ToneWay approach applies to all stringed instruments.

Which songs offer the best chance of musical success? We find that “folk” songs—songs which have passed through the aural tradition, sung by countless folks over the years—serve best. Many modern songs are much more difficult, written and performed by musicians of high talent. Such songs are best left until after one can confidently play the traditional ones.

Music is a language. How did you learn your native tongue? You didn’t study grammar or practice word lists, you spoke! Sure, it was just babbling at first, but through trial and error and plenty of interaction with other speakers, you became fluent. Music can be the same way. You can learn with others—the most natural and enjoyable way to learn—right from the start!

Just what you need to play music…and no more. Only some very simple instruction is necessary to start playing with others. That’s why we created the ToneWay Get Started Workshop Series and put it up for free on our website. It starts at square one and teaches you everything you need to begin playing with others. After that, time, community, and perhaps one of our ToneWay Method books will take care of the rest.