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Privacy Policy

Last revision took place in July 2011 (minor update to reflect new community features)

This is the privacy policy for This is the web site of the Abbott Family, under the name (but not officially "doing business as") The ToneWay Project. Our site provides links to other web sites which are not covered under this policy.

Our postal address is:

The Abbott Family
406 Lincoln St.
Santa Cruz, CA

We can be reached via email at

Information Being Collected

Information (not) automatically collected directly by us

Our web site does not automatically collect any personally identifiable information from visitors, such as IP or email addresses. We do use cookies to improve visitors' experience; however, these cannot be traced back to you unless you fill out a profile. (See the Cookies section below.)

Anonymous information automatically collected by Google Analytics

Visitors to this website who have JavaScript enabled are tracked using Google Analytics. This Google-run service collects the following types of information from users:

  • Type, version, and capabilities of the user agent (web browser) being used (including Flash and JavaScript support)
  • Type of operating system installed
  • Network location and IP address
    • Can include country, city, state, region, county, or any other geographic data.
    • Hostname
    • Bandwidth (internet connection speed)
  • Time of visit
  • Pages visited, and time spent on each page
  • Referring site statistics:
    • The website (URI) the user came through in order to arrive at this website, if any
    • Search engine query used (if visitor is coming from a search engine like Google)

Google Analytics data is shared with Google. For more information on Google's Privacy Policies, visit:

We use this information only as anonymous aggregate data to determine the number of visitors to different sections of our site, to ensure the site is working properly, and to help me make the site more useful. We do not use it to track or record information about individuals.

Again, no personally identifiable information is collected automatically. That means:

  • No names
  • No phone numbers
  • No email addresses
  • No mailing addresses
  • No financial or credit card information

Information collected during the ordering process

If you choose to pay by credit card, you will be taken to a third-party payment processor, PayPal. You will need to supply them with personal information such as your name, residential address, email address, and phone number. This information will be shared with us, and used to process your order. Once you provide us with personal information, you can be assured that it will be used solely for the purpose of facilitating a happy customer experience. We take your privacy seriously, and will never sell, rent, or lease your information to anyone.

You will also need to give PayPal your credit card information. PayPal will use this information to collect payment from you. We never see your credit card information.

Please read PayPal's privacy policy if you have concerns regarding the use of information provided to them.

Additionally, after purchasing selected products from our website you can register with us to download updates and learning aids. This service is optional. Upon registering you will need to provide us with your current email address, and select a password to use when entering the registered users section of this web site. As with all your personal information, this will never be sold to others.


We use cookies on this site for the following purposes:

  • to keep track of your shopping cart (if you use it)
  • to enable you to log in to your ToneWay Account (if you choose to)

If you choose not to accept cookies from, you will not be able to register or create an account here, or log in (if you already have an account).

Email messages sent to you

Your email address will be used to contact you personally in the event of a problem fulfilling your order, and to facilitate our customers' satisfaction.

Additionally, if you create an account, your can elect to receive notifications for new forum posts and other site activity. Others will also have the ability to contact you through this website; they will not, however, be able to access your real email address.


We offer an opt-in newsletter. You may remove yourself from the list at any time by clicking the link included in every newsletter email.

Changes to this policy

If this policy is updated in the future, we will post these changes and update the revision date on this page. If changes are made that will greatly affect our customers, we will contact you if possible.

Concerns regarding your privacy

If you have any additional questions that were not resolved by this privacy statement, please contact us so we can answer them for you.