The ToneWay® Project: helping people play music

Free Online Video Courses

“Get Started” Workshop

Over two hours of free music instruction; four songs, two keys, and an extensive introduction to the ToneWay Music Method as it applies to the guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, Dobro, ukulele, and singing.

Start here, no matter how experienced you are:

Beginning Ukulele

The ukulele is especially well-suited for anyone who feels that music is out of reach to them — we'll show you otherwise in these lessons!

Beginning Guitar

This series of videos covers basic strumming and chords for rhythm playing, as well as how to pick out melodies.

Book-Related Resources

Got one of our books? Here are some resources we made to go along with them:

Common Concerns

“I don't know anything about music!”

Great! Our free workshops start at square one. :-) (Of course, folks who already play can still learn plenty from here as well.)

“But I'm TONE DEAF!”

We've found that 99.9% of "tone deafness" is just due to a lack of ear training. Let's put it another way: you enjoy music, right? That means you are able to hear the tones. You simply lack the experience needed to “pick them out” and sing/play them. Our free Get Started workshop will start you on the path.

“Music is such hard work.”

Not if it's fun. That's the secret to success: make it fun. Best tactic? Play with others. Learn with others!

Music is a non-verbal language that connects people. And learning a language is most fun (and effective) when you can “speak” with others.

Thankfully, you don't have to wait to start learning with others. Whether you're experienced or just starting out, there are lots of folks at your level who are itching to play and learn with you. You just need to find them.

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