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Lesson One: The Five Commandments of Playing By Ear

If you're new, start here. Actually, start here no matter what your skill level.

In this lesson, we lay the foundation for all the other lessons in this series. Make sure to get out your instrument and play along with the class!

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Lesson Two: How (and Why) to Play in Different Keys

You'll learn not only to play in another key, but why changing keys is so important.

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Lesson Three: Another Song, and the 1-4-5 System

You'll learn Handsome Molly along with the super-handy “1-4-5” chord system.

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Lesson Four: Another Chord, 100,000 Songs

You'll learn Worried Man Blues, and in the process, learn enough chords to play thousands of songs.

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Lesson Five: A Waltz to Expand Your Repertoire

The Abbotts struggle to keep it together while teaching you to play Down in the Valley, a poignant waltz.

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Lesson Six: Let's Get Jamming!

The Abbotts show you what a beginner jam looks and sounds like, and address some common jamming issues.

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