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Book-Related Resources

Supplemental Videos

These videos were filmed to address specific topics from our books in audio/video form. To make them easier to use with the books, we eliminated most dialogue.

Guitar Mandolin Fiddle Banjo Dobro Bass

There are also extra videos supplementing the Getting That Banjo Sound chapter.

Left-Handed Reference Material

If you are left-handed and have made the recommended decision to restring your instrument accordingly, you'll need left-handed versions of your instrument's chords and Picking Patterns.

For “Get Started Plus”

We have prepared a Get Started Left-Handed Supplement which includes left-handed versions of all the relevant illustrations in Get Started Plus, with page numbers for reference.

For Ukulele

These PDF files contain all the graphics from the book that are specific to right-handed ukulele. They have been mirrored for folks who have strung their ukes to be played left-handed.

For “Family Tradition: Songbook and ToneWay Music Method”

More ToneWay Notation

This PDF file contains all the ToneWay Notation that we have transcribed. Page 10 has some instructions.

Extra Mandolin Chords

This document shows a few alternate arrangements for playing closed chords on the mandolin. Note that this file is several years old, and may not be helpful for everyone. But if you've been looking for some alternatives to the standard mandolin closed chords...

Note: most of the following are old resources that don't apply to newer products (printed after 2014).

Massive New Ukulele Section (2013 Update)

Interested in ukulele? Papa Carl has put together a whole ukulele reference section for you! It covers all sizes of ukulele, with chords, picking patterns, strumming techniques, song arrangements, even an alternate tuning for you to try. Download the Expanded Ukulele Section

“Getting That Banjo Sound” (2011 Update)

Banjo player? You're going to want to look at this eight-page supplement to the book, featuring a brand new approach to learning to mix rolls and melody. Download the “Getting That Banjo Sound” supplement

Pre-2008 “Family Tradition” Update for Banjo and Guitar

It has come to our attention that some of the charts in our Songbook and ToneWay Music Method are upside-down. Well, not really…but they're easier to understand when flipped around, especially with the three-finger banjo rolls. (Included with the banjo page are a couple variations on the forward roll.)

Booster Clip

You needn’t let ‘jamnesia’ frustrate you. (‘Jamnesia’ meaning jam-related amnesia.) Even if that’s not a problem for you, this contraption will hold what your mind can’t. It’s main use is for holding the lyrics sheets with the first line of each verse for the songs in your repertoire. It can also handle larger sheets with all the lyrics printed out–for example, an 8"×14" sheet of paper folded twice holds about a dozen songs.

Once sold for $10, we're now making the assembly instructions for our "Pro" model available for free. We've also got some first-lines sheets to get you started (although you'll have to format them into columns in your word processor).

Large-font song pages

You may print large-font PDFs from the songs section of our web site. These include chords; however, the PDFs are from the (now out-of-print) Big Print Songbook, Second Edition. The lyrics may have errors or be inconsistent with the lyrics in our more recent songbooks or on the website. We recommend printing directly from the website instead; they print rather nicely. Try it!