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Community Features Were Removed in 2021

Dear friends in music,

The community-building features of this website – the forums, the local discussion boards, the event calendar – have been shut down as of January 2021. There are two main reasons for this:

1) These features have not been used much in the recent years, even pre-COVID. The only place the event listings ever took hold was in the Santa Cruz area. We plan to set up a replacement platform for the Santa Cruz area through Meetup once the pandemic is over.

2) This website was built many years ago, on a web platform that is growing increasingly old and buggy and unmaintained. We became increasingly concerned that the whole thing might break, or worse, get hacked, and bringing it up to date would take a large amount of time/money, which doesn't make sense given it's lack of use.

What does continue to get a lot of use are the "static" resources: things that don't require a login. By removing the community features that weren't getting much use, we can ensure that these resources (most notably the song database and free lesson videos) remain free and available to everyone for many years to come.

Thanks to everyone who did participate in the discussions on this site over the years. You can continue to keep in touch on the ToneWay Facebook Group.

Best wishes,
The Abbott Family