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Dealing with Difficult Jammers
Posted in General Discussion by Leslie A.   Last reply Mar 4, 2017 by Ted C.  
change instruments
Posted in Learning to Play by Nancy S.   Last reply 2 days ago by Anna456 W.  
Author of the words
Posted in Songs by Frances B.   Last reply Feb 6 by Bill L.  
[FIXED] I can't change my location
Posted in General Discussion by Ed F.   Last reply Dec 18, 2018 by Ed F.  
Words to Song
Posted in Songs by Frank S.   Last reply Nov 22, 2018 by Frank S.  
Strumming Pattern
Posted in Songs by Keith M J.   Last reply Oct 30, 2018 by Keith M J.  
Blackberry Blossom
Posted in Songs by James D.   Last reply Oct 3, 2018 by Bob F.  
Hammered Dulcimer - stringing
Posted in General Discussion by Richard M.   Last reply Aug 14, 2018 by Kenyon T.  
Do you know the lyrics to this song...
Posted in Songs by Lora B.   Last reply Aug 4, 2018 by John J.  
Blackberry Blossom
Posted in Learning to Play by James D.   Last reply Jul 31, 2018 by James D.  
Numbering system for notes
Posted in Songs by Sandra C.   Last reply Jul 23, 2018 by Tiny G.  
Great Site!
Posted in General Discussion by Genny H.   Started Jul 11, 2018 by Genny H.  

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