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Lyrics to 2 Songs sung by Leon Kincaid.

“Get Away,Old Man,Get Away”-I'd rather marry a young man,with pockets lined with silk,than to marrry an old man with a hundred cows to milk.For an oldman he is old,and an old manhe is grey,but a young man's heart is full of love,get away ,old away
The 2nd one-Come home ,sweet baby,where you been so long,Ain't had no lovin'since you been gone,and your little red kimona is all I've had to sooth a weary and achin'head. Another line goes"didn't I get you a good job,and collect your dough?“ I heard these songs on a 78 rpm my Grandmother had when I was pretty young-+I'm 90+ now.Leon Kincaid sang them-don't know who wrote them.Thank You for your time-+Thank You,Ms Abbott.


Found the first one here

No luck so far with the second.


Hey,you done good!!More verses than I remember.ThankYou very much!!and have a
Nice Day!

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