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Hammered Dulcimer - stringing

Due to tremors of Parkinson's disease I may have to give up the banjo (I was never really good with it anyhow) I have come across a 12/11 hammered dulcimer.
The dulcimer hand work might be easier with the dulcimer,
But, it needs stringing. Anyone know of someone who might take on the job, especially in the area of Eastern North Carolina


Hi Richard,
You might have to head inland, up toward the Asheville area. Have you tried contacting Song of the Wood (Jerry Read Smith) in Black Mountain, NC? Jerry might know of someone along the coast closer to you. You can contact him at [email protected] or (828) 669-7675. He could definitely do the stringing, if you can't find anyone closer.

I will ask two hammered dulcimer players that I was playing with last weekend for referrals and post back here if they can help - one is in Greenville, SC and one (a past national hammered dulcimer champion) is in Asheville, NC.

Good luck with the project, that is a lot of strings to string, but a 12/11 isn't too bad!


Try reaching out to Ken Kolodner on Facebook. The Kolodner's tour through your area frequently. Enjoy the dulcimer.


Contact Jim Miller, Hampton, TN. He is on faculty of ETSU. He knows anything you would want to know about hammered dulcimer

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