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Oh Lord, Won't You Get Me Out of This Hole

Oh Lord, won't you get me out of this hole! Greetings! My dad was born and raised in a holler near Harlem, Kentucky (Thornton) in 1914 and played guitar in a very local group hoping one day to go to Nashville. They never made it, but their hopes were high. My dad used to sing a humorous favorite that I've never heard before and can't find the lyrics anywhere. Has anyone else out there ever heard them. I can only remember the chorus. It goes like this: “Oh Lord, won't you get me out of this hole. Oh Lord, won't you get me out of this hole. I'll never rob another chicken roost or roll the dice for gold. Oh Lord, won't you get me out of this hole.” it would be awesome if anyone at all would recognize this!

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What a beautiful song! I love it and thanks to the members who shared it. God bless you!


Even better, you can change “ a poor n**ger soul” to “a poor sinner's soul” – this way it will fit the bar just the same as before!

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Wow! I haven't looked recently for replies. I am so thankful to you, Wade Farrow and Jeff Jones. This is the song my Dad sang! I never heard him use or mention the racist lyric, so I'm in total agreement with you about using it in this day and age. But it's interesting that it was used in this version at the time. Thanks again for this gift to my family!


Can you play this on the ukulele. If so what are the cords..


For sure, you could play it on the ukulele -

In the spirit of this Website (playing by ear), I'll only mention the basic chords.

Here are the chords I hear -

C F G7

When it goes into the bridge, I believe it throws in an Am.

With the recording (mentioned already) you can play along with it and the chord progression will probably come pretty easily. I'm really bad at playing by ear, so I know YOU can do it. : )

Anyone want to add to that?

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