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Ukulele Strings, Aquila Red 86

I am new to the ukulele and to music in general. I have a Donner concert ukulele which came with a high G string. I see many recommendations to use a low g instead. I bought a set of Aquila Red 86, but the package doesn't tell the gauge of the strings. Am I going to have to file the nut? If so, what size file(s) will I need? Also, what issues will I run into using a low g setup with various published ukulele music?

Edited Jun 27, 2020 by Julie Johnson

Hi Julie, my wife plays a concert uku also and I restrung her uku with a low G. There were no problems at all other than re tuning often until the strings stretched out.


Thank you, Howard.


I wouldn't file anything down.
You can do it later if you need, but you can't easily undo.

I love low G, mainly because I pick out the melody and low G allows me to pick songs below middle C.

If you just strum, you may prefer a high G.


Here's a helpful resource I just found. You might check it out.


Thanks. Everyone.
I found that the Aquila Red 86U low G fit without filing. But then my husband surprised me for our anniversary with a tenor ukulele strung with Worth flourocarbon CT-LG 63! So… I have put my originals back on the first uke.

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