The ToneWay® Project: helping people play music

Peek inside a Santa Cruz group music class

Running time: 3:34 seconds.

On Wednesday, we taught the first class in a three-week course that we offer twice a year through Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation. Kyle and I brought the Abbott-y Blogcast camera with us to document the experience. You can see the result above. Pardon me if I sound gushy, but I was (and am) just so excited about helping all these folks get started playing music together! Several of them hadn't ever played with others before. It was so rewarding!

Last year, we made some big changes to the class to make it easier to teach. Now, anyone can lead a class. No musical talent or teaching experience is required; only a basic understanding of the ToneWay Music Method and a willingness to learn and use the curriculum we've prepared. Read Become a Jam Coach for more information.

Can't wait for next Wednesday!



Luke, Did you ever get the apple cider opened? It looks like the class is going to be awesome. I sure enjoyed the class I took. Ivanna


Ha ha, you noticed! :-) Yeah, got the bottle opener from the kitchen after the videoing.


You guys are amazing! I’m absolutely loving your online starter classes! So is my husband…and that is the most amazing part of the story. I’m thrilled that you are getting some reward for all the hard work and your willingness to share your talents with us!


I am so excited about your new online lesson series. It is making all the difference in the world. Music is starting to make sense!! Thank you for all your hard work.

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