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The Core Songs CD Series

Five volumes. One hundred songs.

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We hand-selected 100 songs to represent a solid foundation of American mountain music, choosing many of the songs most often played in bluegrass and old-time jams. Each volume of Core Songs has twenty full-length recordings from the Abbott family and friends. They include two, three, and four-part harmonies, and demonstrate very effectively how all the instruments work together—playing leads and backup—to make beautiful music.

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This CD is really a treat. Perfect for learning or listening enjoyment. Thanks to you I am beginning to be educated in an "Old Time" music which I never knew existed.

Gilroy, CA

Review of The Traditional Songs (an older CD series by us)

    When Kyle and Luke were youngsters, parents Carl and Leslie decided to develop family music playing time. From these early family gatherings, the family developed a program to help everyone learn how to play instruments and sing in a supportive and social setting. Their "Mountain Music for Everyone" books and CDs not only provide music insights and help with making music on some of the popular bluegrass instruments, but also provide an extensive set of song lyrics and chord changes for over 300 old-time and bluegrass songs.

    This new edition [of the CD] focuses on 25 popular songs and includes the kickoffs and leads for the songs. Using full versions of the songs gives the learner a chance to learn an entire song by repeating the selection and "learning by ear." Musical keys are also included so the learner can start changing chords along with the CD. Carl sings most of the leads with a strong, confident voice suggesting the hills and valleys of times past. Luke also takes center stage with his harmony vocals and talents on several instruments: dobro, banjo, fiddle, and guitar. Leslie plays bass and sings the tenor parts while Kyle adds some tasty mandolin leads. It's a great family effort, and anyone is invited to join the "family" with voices and instruments held high!

      - Brenda Hough, NCBS Board Member
            written for local bluegrass newsletters