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Family Tradition: Songbook and ToneWay Music Method

Out of Print

This book has been expanded and split into two books: The ToneWay Music Method and the Family Tradition Songbook. Check 'em out!

This book is an ultra-concise, comprehensive resource for playing by ear. It is ideal for folks who play a string instrument already, even if minimally, and wish to learn how to play it by ear. Interestingly, folks with less musical talent tend to do much better when they switch from sight playing to playing by ear. For folks already playing by ear, the ToneWay Method can deepen their understanding—the “what, how, and why” of it all. Such understanding allows one to easily and quickly pick up and play any of the other string instruments as well.

Briefly, the ToneWay Method demystifies music by showing how all the string instruments, and singing, share fundamental principles. Our ToneWay Picking Patterns and ToneWay Notation help to tie it all together and launch you into a more intuitive ‘playing by ear’ approach to music. Finally, the book offers a lifetime supply (300+) of commonly-played traditional songs. Each song is annotated with key-independent chord changes, ‘jammability’, and tonal information useful for playing by ear and for singing lead and harmony.

This is an old edition

We have expanded this book and split it into two: The ToneWay Music Method and the Family Tradition Songbook.