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What people are saying

Here are some of the nice emails we've received about our products…
(Most are from folks who bought Get Started Plus)

“I have been trying to teach myself mandolin for 7 years, and average
buying one book a year. Get Started is the best book yet! It was
obviously written by people who care about
the reader actually learning something.”
Bill Herzog, Rogue River, OR

“Your book was very inspiring and very well written, definitely
the best music advice I've ever received. Thanks a lot!”
Mike McCormick, Meadville, PA

“I tried your Method and it worked for me. After a couple of years of
trying to play the fiddle this is what I’ve been looking for!
Thank you for sharing your family story and your time
and effort to help others learn to play music.”
Joseph Czeiszperger, Louisville, KY

“The book [Get Started] is excellent, even for a slow learner
like myself! Thank you so much for your help.”
Toni, Houston, TX

“I've just spent the last few days playing fiddle nonstop out of
a method book called "Get Started." [...] I love this book.
I love playing the fiddle.
This is So Fun!!!”
JessicaRose, Fiddle Hangout member (see thread)

“I spent endless hours in the past memorizing notation for picking songs.
Within the first few days [of using the ToneWay Method], I can now
pick some by ear. Thanks so much!”
Todd Boughan, Lima, OH

“I started with the ToneWay Method yesterday and really enjoy it!
It has filled in many holes and questions about how music works
and how to find my way around a fretboard. Good job!”
Dave Lyons, Aspen, CO

Your method makes playing a lot of fun and I know that I will be
enjoying myself while learning...if I had your book a few years ago
(when I started playing), I would've had a lot more fun with
my guitar, and I would have been invited to a lot more jams.”
Jack Gottlob, New Jersey

I'm having so much fun learning these old songs and playing my
mandolin along with the CD. I really don't know where else I could
have gotten such a resource! I believe it was money well spent,
especially considering all the resources available on the website.
Mary Ann Eason, South GA

“Just got your book and CD, which I love. It has helped me more
than anything I've done the last two years
to get me up to speed
playing with my little bluegrass group here in Colorado.”
Anni Porter, Palmer Lake, CO

“I can't help but to throw in just one more instructional tool...[that] has
converted me from a strictly tab/closet player to a play-by-ear jammer!
Their starter loaded with deeper explanations of much of
the advice mentioned by Hangout members in this thread.”
Jo_Surf, Banjo Hangout member (see post)

“I am trying your method and have found it to be of great help in my
learning process. It has helped me understand the relationship of
the notes and where they are on my Dobro. Thanks very much.”
Joe Dinger, Bringhurst, IN

“One sure thing I got from your book was the confidence to sing.
Before your book I didn't know I could.
It's fun! Thanks for everything.”
Jim McCoy, Brenham, TX

“I am so enjoying my ‘Mountain Music for Everyone’ book and CD.
It is a blessing indeed. It is fixing my timing and my ear!!!
Don Diehl, Sapulpa, OK

“I sing and play guitar by ear already, but your material is
helping me understand some of what I've already been doing,
and teaching me some more to boot.”
Tony, New York

“I am enjoying the book and figured out how to pick the tune
for Shady Grove. Your system is ingenious. Harriet and I
have been playing together for a couple of weeks
and we're having a great time.”
Susan Becker, Capitola, CA