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Charles Guiteau

Come all you tender Christians, wherever you may 5 be
And likewise pay attention to these few words from 1 me
I was down at the depot to make my geta 5 way
When Providence turned against me, it proved to be too 1 late

My name is Charles Guiteau, my name I'll never deny
To leave my aged parents to sorrow and to die
But little did I think, while in my youthful bloom
I'd be carried to the scaffold to meet my fatal doom

I tried to play off insane, but found it would not do
The people all against me, it proved to make no show
Judge Cox he passed the sentence, the clerk he wrote it down
On the thirtieth day of June, they'll put me underground

My sister came in prison to bid her last farewell
She threw her arms around me, she wept most bitterly
She said, My loving brother, today you must die
For the murder of James A. Garfield, upon the scaffold high

I'm standing on this platform to bid you all adieu
The hangman's noose is a-waiting, it's a quarter after two
The black cap is on my face, no longer can I see
And when I'm dead and buried, dear Lord, remember me

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