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Duncan and Brady

Well it's twinkle, twinkle, little star
a 5 long came Brady in his 'lectric car
He's got a mean look right in his eye
He's gonna 1 shoot somebody just to 5 see 'em 1 die

Refrain:He's been on the 5 job too 1 long

Well, Duncan, Duncan was tending the bar
Along comes Brady with his shining star
And Brady says, "Duncan, you're under arrest,"
Then Duncan shot a hole right in Brady's chest

Brady, Brady, Brady, well you know you done wrong
Breakin' in here while the games goin' on
You come a-breakin' down the windows, And knockin' down the door
And now you're lyin' dead on the barroom floor

Well, ol' King Brady was a big fat man
The Doctor reached down, grabbed a hold of his hand
He felt for his pulse, then shook his head
Said I believe into my soul, King Brady's dead

High tail carriages just a -tandin' around
To carry King Brady to the buryin' ground
Them rubber tired buggies, them rubber tired hacks
They took him to the graveyard, never brung him back

When the women all heard that King Brady was dead
They went out a home and they be racked in red
They come a-slipping' and a-slidin' and shufflin' down the street
In their big mother hubbards and their stockin' feet

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