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Lover's Farewell

We have met and we have 4 parted
We have 1 spoke our last good- 5 bye
You have 1 proved to me false 4 hearted
You may 1 now 5 forever 1 go

For I 4 love you dear I 1 love you
More than 4 all this world I 1 know
You have proved to me false 4 hearted
You may 1 now 5 forever 1 go

You have wrecked the heart I've cherished
You have done me day by day
You are false but I'll forgive you
To forget you I cannot say

On the river bank I'll loiter
Till I see your face once more
Then I'll plunge beneath the water
And I'll land on some far shore

Among the trees and bushes
Where the dark green willows sway
In the cold and silent rushes
There you'll find my lonely grave

Oh I wish I was white marble
Cold and white on some far shore
This poor heart would cease from troubling
And I'd feel the pain no more

A song from the The ToneWay Mountain Music Collection, which offers lyrics and free Song Clips (recordings for learning the song by ear) for nearly 400 traditional songs, many of which are often heard in bluegrass and old-time jam circles. The ToneWay Project also offers songbooks, CDs, and a free online video series for learning to play music by ear.