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Mid the Green Fields of Virginia

'Mid the green fields of Virginia in the 4 vale of Shenandoah
There's an 5 ivy covered homestead that I 1 love
With it's quaint old fashioned chimney and it's 4 simple homelike air
'Tis the 5 home of my dear parents, now a 1 bove

There's a peaceful cottage there, a happy home so dear
My 5 heart is longing for them day by 1 day
Where I spent life's golden hours in the 4 vale of Shenandoah
'Mid the 5 green fields for Virginia far a 1 way

Though I'm living in a mansion grand with wealth at my command
I'd give it all, just for a single day
To play with my yound comrades, and see my mother dear
'Mid the green fields for Virginia far away

'Mid the green fields of Virginia, stands an old mill by the stream
And I'd come to that old spot to sing and play
Oh how often would I throw the stones into that babbling brook
And I dreamed some day 'twould carry me away

Yes the dream came true, one day in June, I left the dear old home
They told me mother's heart had broke that day
Oh if I could but see her, I'd lay me down and die
'Mid the green fields for Virginia far away

A song from the The ToneWay Mountain Music Collection, which offers lyrics and free Song Clips (recordings for learning the song by ear) for nearly 400 traditional songs, many of which are often heard in bluegrass and old-time jam circles. The ToneWay Project also offers songbooks, CDs, and a free online video series for learning to play music by ear.