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Poor Little Orphaned Boy

My mother died when I was young
My 5 sisters they were 1 sad
They lay their hands upon my head
And 5 taught me how to 1 pray

So now my mother she's 4 gone to rest
In the 1 land of purest 5 joy
And I 1 wonder if she thinks of me
Her 5 poor little orphan 1 boy

When I was only two years old
I never shall forget
A parting kiss she gave to me
I sometimes feel it yet

When I was sick and every hour
She watched me as I lay
And with her kind and gentle hand
She soothed me tenderly

So now I press this world alone
Her love with me shall stay
And from the throne above the skies
Her smile shall rest on me

A song from the The ToneWay Mountain Music Collection, which offers lyrics and free Song Clips (recordings for learning the song by ear) for nearly 400 traditional songs, many of which are often heard in bluegrass and old-time jam circles. The ToneWay Project also offers songbooks, CDs, and a free online video series for learning to play music by ear.