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Shortenin' Bread

Three little children, lying in bed
Two was sick an' the 5 other 'most 1 dead
Sent for the doctor, the doctor said
Give those children some 5 short'nin' 1 bread

Mama's little baby loves short'nin', short'nin'
Mama's little baby loves 5 short'nin' 1 bread,... (×2)

Put on the skillet, slip on the lid
Mama's gonna make a little 5 short'nin' 1 bread
That ain't all she's gonna do
Mammy's goin' to make a little 5 coffee 1 too

When those children, sick in bed
Heard that talk about short'nin' bread
Popped up well to dance and sing
Skipped around and cut the pigeon wing

Slipped to the kitchen, slipped up the lid
Filled my pocket full of short'nin' bread
Stole the skillet, stole the lid
Stole the gal makin' short'nin' bread

Caught me with the skillet, caught me with the lid
Caught me with the gal makin' short'nin' bread
Paid a dollar for the skillet, a dollar for the lid
Spent a year in jail eatin' short'nin' bread

A song from the The ToneWay Mountain Music Collection, which offers lyrics and free Song Clips (recordings for learning the song by ear) for nearly 400 traditional songs, many of which are often heard in bluegrass and old-time jam circles. The ToneWay Project also offers songbooks, CDs, and a free online video series for learning to play music by ear.