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Anchored in Love

I've found the sweet haven of 4 sunshine at 1 last
And Jesus abiding a 5 bove
His 1 dear arms around me are 4 lovingly 1 cast
And sweetly He 5 tells His 1 love

Chorus, lead
The tempest is o'er
I'm 4 safe ever 1 more
What gladness what rapture is 5 mine
The 1 danger is past
I'm 4 anchored at 1 last
I'm anchored in 5 love 1 divine

Chorus, harmony
The danger, the tempest, forever is o'er
My 4 anchor is holding, I'm 1 safe ever more
What gladness, what rapture is 5 mine
The 1 water is peaceful, the danger is past
I'm 4 feeling so happy, I'm 1 anchored at last
I'm anchored in 5 love 1 divine

He saw me in danger and lovingly came
To pilot my storm-beaten soul
Sweet peace He has spoken and bless His dear name
The billows no longer roll

His love shall control me through life and in death
Completely I'll trust to the end
I'll praise Him each hour of my last fleeting breath
Shall sing of my soul's best friend

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