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Cluck Old Hen

My old (7b) hen's a 1 good old 4 hen
1 She lays eggs for the 5 railroad 1 men
Sometimes (7b) one, 1 sometimes 4 two
1 Sometimes enough for the 5 whole damn 1 crew

Cluck old (3b) hen, 1 cluck and 7b sing
1 Ain't laid an egg since 5 way last 1 spring
Cluck old (3b) hen, 1 cluck and 7b squall
1 Ain't laid an egg since 5 way last 1 fall

My old hen, she won't do
She lays eggs and 'taters too
Sometimes nine, sometimes ten
That's enough eggs for the railroad men

My old hen, she's raised on a farm
Now she's in the new ground diggin' up corn
The first time she cackled, she cackled a lot
Next time she cackled, she cackled in the pot

Had a little hen, she had a wooden leg
The best darn hen that ever laid an egg
Laid more eggs than any hen around the barn
Another little drink wouldn't do me any harm

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