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Come Home

Papa, oh papa come 4 home with me 1 now
The clock in the steeple strikes 5 one
You 1 said you were coming right 4 home from the 1 shop
As soon as your 5 day's work was 1 done

Come 5 Home, come 1 home, come 4 home
Oh 5 papa, dear papa come 1 home

Poor Benny is sick and Ma says he will die
Perhaps before morning shall dawn
And this is the message she sent me to bring
Come quickly 'fore Benny be gone

The fire is all out and the house is so cold
And Mama's been watching since tea
With poor brother Benny so sick in her arms
And no one to help her but me

Now we are alone and poor Benny is dead
And gone with the angels to fly
And these were the very last words that he said
"I want to kiss papa good night."

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