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Drunkard's Dream

Oh Dermot you look so pleasant now
Your 4 clothes look neat and 1 clean
I 4 haven't seen you 1 drink a drop
Pray tell me 5 where you've 1 been

Your wife and children are they well
You used to treat them strange
But are you kinder to them now
How came this happy change

I had a dream, a warning dream
That heaven sent to me
It warned me of a drunkard's curse
Of woe and misery

I dreamt one night I staggered home
It being a sudden gloom
I missed my wife where can she be
There's strangers in the room

I heard them say, "Poor thing she's dead
She's lived a wretched life
'Twas grief and want that broke her heart
For she was a drunkard's wife."

I woke and saw my Mary dear
And joyful tears did stream
And ever since, l've heaven blessed
For sending me that dream

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