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Jimmie Brown the Newsboy

I'm very cold and hungry sir, my clothes are worn and 5 thin
I wander on from place to place, my daily bread to 1 win
But never mind sir how I look, don't sneer at me or 5 frown
I'm selling papers for I am the newsboy, Jimmie 1 Brown

I sell the morning papers sir, my name is Jimmie 5 Brown
Most everybody knows I am the poor boy of the 1 town

My father died a drunkard sir, I've heard mother say
Before he died, how oft for him I've heard her weep and pray
But I am helping mother now, I journey up and down
To sell my papers, for I am the newsboy, Jimmie Brown

My mother tells me every night to kneel with her and pray
She says if I've an honest heart I'll be all right some day
And when she's gone to heaven sir, to wear a starry crown
She'll wait up there to welcome home the newsboy of the town

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