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Little Whitewashed Chimney

Where the Mississippi's flowing on the 4 sunny southern 2 shores
And the 5 steamboats come a-puffing 'round the 1 bend
There's a little old log cabin with a 4 grapevine o'er the 2 door
And a 5 little white-washed chimney at the 1 end

I'm going back, yes, going back to the 4 place I love so 1 well
To the folks who want me all their own a 5 gain
In that 1 little old log cabin with the 4 grapevine o'er the 2 door
And a 5 little white-washed chimney at the 1 end

I went away up North where they told me I would find
Money hanging around like apples on the trees
But it was as my sweetheart told me, there was nothing of the kind
And the weather was so cold I thought I'd freeze

I can see the smoke a-rising from the little chimney top
As it welcomes me and greets me on the breeze
Then I will start a-running and I know I'll never stop
Till I've landed in that cabin on my knees

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