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Orphan Girl

No home, no home, cried a little girl
As she stood in the Prince's home
Trembling she stood on the marble steps
And leaned on the 5 polished 1 wall

Her clothes were thin and her feet were bare
And the snow had covered her head
Give me a home, she feebly cried
A home and a bite of bread

A father's love I never knew
And the tears rolled from her eyes
My mother sleeps in a new-made grave
'Tis an orphan here tonight

The night was dark and the snow fell fast
As the rich man closed his door
His proud lips curled as he scornfully said
No home or bread for the poor

I must freeze, I must freeze, the trembling child
And sank on the steps of the door
To wrap her feet in her tattered dress
All covered with sleet and snow

The rich man slept on his velvet couch
And dreamed of his silver and gold
While the orphan lay on a bed of snow
And murmured, so cold, so cold

When morning dawned the little girl
Still lay at the rich man's door
But her soul had fled to its home above
Where there's room and bread for the poor

No more she stood at the rich man's door
And murmured, so cold, so cold
With a crown on her head and a harp in her hand
She sings in a house of gold

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