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Raleigh and Spencer

Raleigh and Spencer are burning down
Lord, there 5 ain't no (7b) liquor in 1 town
No, there 5 ain't no (7b) liquor in 1 town

What you gonna do to wet those lips
When this whole darn world's gone dry,...

I've been all around this whole wide world
I've been down to Memphis, Tennessee,...

I've played cards with the king and the queen
Shot them dice with old Jesse James,...

I can eat more chicken than any one gal can fry
I can tell more lowdown lies,...

I can tell more lies than the stars in the skies
I'll never get to heaven when I die,...

I never loved but one little gal
Lord I'm sorry I ever loved her,...

She caused me to weep, she caused me to mourn
Lord, she took my liquer from me,...

I'd pawn my shoes for a bottle of booze
I'd drink it, I'd lay down and die,...

You can stomp down the flowers that grow around my grave
But they'll rise and bloom again,...

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