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Salty Dog

Standin' on a corner with the 6 low-down blues
A 2 great big hole in the bottom of my shoes
5 Honey, let me be your salty 1 dog.

Let me be your 6 salty dog
Or 2 I won't be your man at all
5 Honey, let me be your salty 1 dog

Now look'a here Sal, I know you
A run-down stockin' and a worn-out shoe,...

I's down in the wildwood, Settin' on a log
Finger on the trigger and my eye on a hog,...

I pulled that trigger and the gun let go
Shot way over in Mexico,...

Two old maids a-sitting in the sand
Each one wishing that the other was a man,...

God made women, He made 'em kind of funny
Kiss 'em 'round the mouth, just as sweet as any honey,...

Worst day I ever had in my life
When my boss caught me a-kissin' his wife,...

Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water
Come back here and marry my daughter,...

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