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Sweet Fern

Springtime is coming, sweet lonesome bird
Your 5 echo in the woodland I 1 hear
Down in the meadow so lonesome your singing
While the 5 moonlight is shining so 1 clear

Refrain:I 4 know he's away in a 1 far distant land
A 2 land that is over the 5 sea
Go 1 fly to him singing your sweet little song
And 5 tell him to come back to 1 me

Sweet fern (sweet fern), sweet fern (sweet fern)
Oh 5 tell me, is my darling still 1 true
Sweet fern (sweet fern), sweet fern (sweet fern)
I'll 5 be just as happy as 1 you

Oh tell me sweet fern, is he thinking of me
And the promise he made long ago
He said he'd return from over the sea
Oh why do the years go so slow

Upon my finger he placed a small ring
On the day he was leaving his home
I promised I'd be his own little girl
And love him wherever he'd roam

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