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Sweet Sunny South

Take me home to the place where I first saw the (5) light
To the 1 sweet sunny South take me 4 home
Where the 1 mocking bird (4) sang me to 1 rest ev'ry (5) night
Ah! 1 Why was I 5 tempted to 1 roam

I think with regret of the dear home I left
Of the kind hearts that sheltered me then
Of the wife and the dear ones of whom I'm bereft
And I sigh for the old place again

Take me home to the place where my little ones sleep
Poor Massa lies buried close by
O'er the grave of the loved ones I'm longing to weep
And among them to rest when I die

Take me home to the land where the orange trees grow
To my cot in the evergreen shade
Where the flowers on the river's green margin may blow
Their sweet on the bank where we played

The path to our cottage they say has grown green
And the place is quite lonely around
And I know that the forms and the smiles that I've seen
Now lie deep in the dark mossy ground

Take me home, let me see what is left that I knew
Can it be that the old house is gone
The dear friends of my childhood indeed must be few
And I must lament all alone

But yet I'll return to the place of my birth
Where my children have played by the door
Where they pulled the white blossoms to garnished the hearth
That will echo their footsteps no more

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