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Two Coats

Two coats were before me, an old and a new
I could have either, so 5 what must I 1 do
One coat was ugly and terribly torn
The other a new one, had 5 never been 1 worn

I'll tell you the best thing I ever did do
I laid of the old coat and 5 put on the 1 new

The old coat was earthly and not fit to wear
I thought of it often and shed many a tear
Then there was a clean one presented to view
I laid off the old coat and put on the new

The first man was earthly and made on the ground
We all bore his image, the whole world around
The next was my Savior from Heaven so fair
He gave me this new coat you now see me wear

Now this coat, it fits me and keeps me so warm
It's good in the winter, it's good in the storm
My savior has dressed me in garments so rare
He fills me with glory, his image I'll bear

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