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White House Blues

McKinley hollered, McKinley squalled
4 Doctor said, McKinley, I can't find the 1 ball
You're bound to die, 5 you're bound to 1 die

Look here you rascal, see what you've done
You shot my husband with your Iver Johnson gun
Carry me back to Washington

Doctor come a-runnin', he took off his specs
Said, Mister McKinley, better cash in your checks
You're bound to die, you're bound to die

Standin' at the station, lookin' at the time
Train's due in at half-past nine
From Buffalo to Washington

He jumped on his horse, he pulled on the mane
He said to the horse, you gotta outrun this train
From Buffalo to Washington

Hush up little children, now don't you fret
You'll draw a pension at your papa's death
You're papa's gone, he's gone

There's just one thing that grieves my mind
That is to die and leave my poor wife behind
I'm bound to die, I'm bound to die

Yonder comes the train, she's comin' down the line
Blowin' at every station, McKinley's a-dyin'
It's hard times, it's hard times

Roosevelt's in the White House, doin' his best
McKinley's in the graveyard, taking his rest
He's gone, a long time gone

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