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Picking in Other Keys

After the talk is over:

Get general instructions for going from picking in G to picking in D:

Then, click here to reveal the ToneWay Notation for Shady Grove as well as your Key of D Pattern.

After the talk is over: Click here to reveal the picking patterns for the key of D for the Standard and Baritone ukulele, and the Toneway Notation for Shady Grove.

Look below the video for the Picking Pattern and Notation.

By the way, in general you'll probably want to play your chords with the capo on the banjo as well. This means that to play in the key of D, you'll put your capo on the second fret and play a C chord.

If you want to play the melody on the standard ukulele using a capo on the second fret and a "key of C" patterns, these videos will show you how to do that: