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Ground Hog [core]

Shoulder up your 7b gun and 1 whistle up your dog
Shoulder up your 4/7b gun and 1 whistle up your 5 dog
We're 1 off to the woods for to catch a ground (5) hog
(7b) Ground 1 hog, 5/7b ground 1 hog

Too many rocks and too many logs,... (×2)
Too much trouble to hunt ground hogs,...

He's in here boys, the hole's wore slick,... (×2)
C'mon, Sam with your forked stick,...

Stand back, boys, and let's be wise,... (×2)
I think I see his beady little eyes,...

Here comes Sam with a ten foot pole,... (×2)
Twist that whistle pig outta his hole,...

Work, boys, work just as hard as you can tear,... (×2)
The meat'll do to eat and the hide'll do to wear,...

Up come Sal with a snigger and a grin,... (×2)
Ground hog grease all over her chin,...

The children screamed and the children cried,... (×2)
"I love that ground hog cooked or fried!",...

You eat up the meat then you save the hide,... (×2)
Makes the best shoestring that ever was tied,...

Look at them fellers, they're about to fall,... (×2)
Eatin' till their britches won't button at all,...

Little piece of cornbread laying on the shelf,... (×2)
If you want any more you can sing it yourself,...

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