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John Hardy [core]

John 4 Hardy was a 1 desperate little man
He 4 carried two guns every 1 day
He 4 killed a man in a 1 Shawnee camp
You 5 ought to seen John Hardy gettin' away, poor boy
You ought to seen John Hardy gettin' a 1 way

John Hardy was standing at the barroom door
Showing no interest in the game
Up stepped a woman with a dollar in her hand
Saying, Deal John Hardy in the game, poor boy
Deal John Hardy in the game

John Hardy took that yellow gal's money
And then he began to play
Sayin', The man that wins my yellow gal's dollar
I'll lay him in his lonesome grave, poor boy
I'll lay him in his lonesome grave

John Hardy drew a four card straight
And the cowboy drew two a pair
John failed to catch and the cowboy won
And he left him sitting dead in his chair, poor boy
He left him sitting dead in his chair

John Hardy made for the Coalsburg train
So dark he could hardly see
Up stepped the constable and took him by the arm
Saying, Johnny won't you come and go with me, poor boy
Johnny won't you come and go with me

I've been to the East and I've been to the West
I've been this wide world around
I've been to the river and I've been baptized
And now I'm on my hanging ground, poor boy
Now I'm on my hanging ground

They took him to the scaffold high
They hung him there to die
The last words that John Hardy said
Was, "My forty-four never lies," poor boy
"My forty-four never lies."

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