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Johnson Boys [core]

Johnson boys, raised in the ashes
didn't know how to court a (5) maid
1 Turn their backs and hide their faces
(4) Sight of a pretty girl 5 makes 'em afraid

Refrain: 1 Sight of a pretty girl makes 'em afraid
Sight of a pretty girl 4 makes 'em 1 afraid
Sight of a pretty girl makes 'em afraid
Sight of a pretty girl 4 makes 'em 1 afraid

Johnson boys, went a-huntin'
Took two dogs and went astray
Tore their clothes and scratched their faces
Didn't come home till the break of day,...

Johnson boys, went a-courtin'
Coon Creek girls so pretty and sweet
They couldn't make no conversation
Didn't know where to put their feet,...

Johnson boys, went to the mountains
Johnson boys didn't mean to stay
They come back broke and hungry
Had no money for to pay their way,...

Johnson boys'll never get married
They'll stay single all their life
They're too scared to pop the question
Ain't no woman gonna be their wife,...

Johnson boys, getting mighty sassy
Johnson boys, think they're men
Comb their hair and wash their faces
Look pretty good for the shape they're in,...

Johnson boys, play your fiddle
Johnson boys, sing your song
Johnson boys, hug in the middle
Hug in the middle and you can't go wrong,...

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