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Nine Pound Hammer [core]

This nine pound hammer is just a little too 4 heavy
Buddy, for my 1 size, Buddy, 5 for my 1 size

Roll on, buddy, don't you roll so 4 slow
Buddy, how can I 1 roll, when the 5 wheels won't 1 go

There ain't a hammer in this here tunnel
That rings like mine, that rings like mine

Rings like silver, shines like gold
Rings like silver, shines like gold

Somebody stole my nine pound hammer
They took it and gone, they took it and gone

I went up on the mountain just to see my honey
And I ain't coming back, No I ain't coming back

This nine pound hammer, it killed John Henry
Ain't a-gonna kill me, Ain't a-gonna kill me

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