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Old Joe Clark [core]

Wished I had a nickel
Wished I had a (5) dime
1 Wished I had a pretty girl
To kiss and 5 call her 1 mine

Fare thee well, Old Joe Clark
Fare thee well, I (7b) say
1 Fare thee well, Old Joe Clark
I'm a 5 goin' a 1 way

I will not marry an old maid
I'll tell you the reason why
Her neck is so long and stringy
I'm afraid she'll never die

I asked my girl to marry me
And what do you think she said
Time enough to marry you
When all the rest are dead

Old Joe Clark, the preacher's son
Preached all over the pain
The only text he ever knew
Was High, low, Jack and the game

I won't go home with Old Joe Clark
I'll tell you the reason why
He blowed his nose in a cornbread crust
And called it pumpkin pie

I went up on the mountain top
A-huntin' sugar cane
Stuck my foot in a holler log
And our jumped Liza Jane

Wish I was a sugar tree
Standin' in the town
Every time a pretty girl passed
I'd shake some sugar down

I wish I had a sweetheart
I'd set her on the shelf
And every time she'd smile at me
I'd get up there myself

I used to live on mountain top
But now I live in town
I'm boarding at the big hotel
Courting Betsy Brown

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