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Will You Miss Me [core]

When death shall close these eyelids
And this 4 heart shall cease to 1 beat
And they lay this soul to rest
5 In some flowery bound re- 1 treat

Will you miss me, (miss me when I'm gone)
Oh, 4 will you 1 miss me, (miss me when I'm gone)
Will you miss me, (miss me when I'm gone)
5 Will you miss me, when I'm 1 gone

Perhaps you'll plant some flowers
On my cold, unworthy grave
Come and sit alone beside me
Where the roses nod and wave

When these lips shall never more
Press a kiss upon thy brow
But lie cold and still in death
Will you love me then as now

(from the Carter Family (1935 version))
When these footsteps ne'er are heard
And these lips are pale and cold
In a winding sheet of daisies
This frail body you'll enfold

On a cold dark Sunday mornin'
In a country far away
A little girl from old Kentucky
Lifted up her voice to say

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